Friday, October 2, 2009

Friday Favorites

I have been reading a lot of books on making organic or natural cleaning products and also beauty products. I was thinking I want to make some lip gloss, hot oil hair treatments, body and face scrubs and so on. And in one of the books it had a list of resources in the back for bottles and containers to package your homemade products. And I have really been having fun looking at one of their resources - American Science & Surplus. It does have lots of containers and MORE. It has many odd things, many useful things and just things I have never heard of before all for a pretty low cost.

7 Ways with Rotisserie Chicken - My Mom is a cook. It is her profession. And so when I was growing up - she came home at the end of the day and the last thing she wanted to really do was cook. So she often swung by the grocery store to get rotisserie chicken and made all sorts of meals out of it. And so this link made me think of my childhood and the creativity that my Mom had with chicken to make a quick meal.

A few Halloween links...
From - No Sew Halloween Costumes - I thought many of these were very clever and easy. So easy I am like why did I never think about that when I have went to Halloween parties in the past.
Halloween Decorating and Craft Templates - lots of templates to create decorations
Papier-Mache Pumpkins - I just thought they were cute
Glitter Pumpkins - I want to get some mini fake pumpkins I sometimes see at Dollar Tree and do this to them. And then place them on this long platter. Also add some candles to the platter so the flame sparkles off the glitter.

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