Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Book Review: Last Minute Christmas Gifts

Last-Minute Christmas Gifts: Crafting Quick & Classy Presents for Everyone on Your List

Last-Minute Gifts to me in implies that it would be gifts I could make with things I have on hand at home. At least that is what means to me to me. So I was expecting quick easy gifts made from what I have at home without having to go out and buy a lot of items to make it. And it had a few projects like that but the majority are things I don't normally have at home. So it wasn't a book that helped me.

The instructions and photographs were good though. Many of the ideas were quick and easy if I would have had the supplies. And many of the projects didn't require a lot of supplies so that was nice too.

I think if I want to make a gift though and can't think of anything or needed something quick and easy, I would go to Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts

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