Friday, October 9, 2009

Book Review: Once-a-Month Cooking Family Favorites

Once-a-Month Cooking Family Favorites by Mary Beth Lagerborg and Mimi Wilson

I read the Once-a-Month Cooking from the same authors and although I liked the concept and their instructions but I was less then thrilled with the recipes. The main reason was many of the recipes weren't things I would cook as they used lots of processed and pre-packaged foods. But this time around with Family Favorites they use a lot more fresh ingredients and just have a better selection of recipes. There is still some pre-packaged foods but much less then the last book - at least it seems that way to me. I was very pleased. And I can't wait to try out many of the recipes as well as try to do a 2 week plan for do-ahead dinners. They have 4 week and 2 week plans. Two week plans for those of us with smaller freezers. Although this book is called Family Favorites and serves 4 to 6, I wouldn't pass by it if you are cooking just for two as it has many recipes that could work for two or be adapted for just two. We like leftovers here so that it would work as is for us.

Again this book really pleased me with its recipes. But besides the recipes they have a really great introduction to the concept of Once-a-Month Cooking with tips and tricks. It includes 2 one month plans, 2 two-week plans and 3 two-week specialty menu plans: summer, gourmet and gluten-free plans. Each plan includes menu charts, pantry list, shopping lists and lists on what to prep and in which order.

Just a few recipes out of many that I look forward to making...
Red Mesa Tacos
Apricot Chicken
5 Cheese Spinach Quiche
Grilled Southwest Chicken with Cilantro Sauce
Pozole Soup
South of the Border Ground Beef and Corn Pie
Barleyburger Stew
Penne with Chickpeas
Pork Roast with Apples and Mushrooms

I will come back and do another update on this book once I do a 2 week plan. But overall I feel this book is going to be one I enjoy using.

On Monday I will be announcing a giveaway - a copy of this book. So please stay tuned!

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