Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Favorites

I bet you all will be glad when Halloween has passed and I go back to other links...I love all holidays but Christmas and Halloween are my favorites. And so I do tend to go a little crazy. When I first moved here Master, didn't really pay attention to the holidays although he liked them especially Christmas. And at the time much of my decorations were packed in boxes in storage. But the second year when things where easier to access, I asked to decorate. Master kind looked like he was going to say no. But I asked if I could just do it at least once so he could see if he liked it. And he said yes and ended up enjoying it. And actually looks forward to the holidays.

So on to Friday Favorites...
Delish No Carve Pumpkins - some very cute ideas - the top picture is from the website. They also had some painted black and then scratched out designs that I really liked.

Two Fall Wreaths at Something to Do - I really like the Halloween one. Really easy just black tulle tied on a ring and orange ribbon to hang it.

How to Gild Pumpkins at delish - They would make a really pretty centerpiece. Second pictures is from Delish in this slideshow and are gilded pumpkins.

Trick or Treat Banner - very easy. Could easily do variations to it too - even printing out lefts on the computer.

Candy Corn Sugar Cookies by - I am going to do these for sure. Easy and cute. I will be able to package some up for neighbors and friends. We are going to party at the end of the month too - so might be a good idea to make for that besides a side dish that I need to bring too.

9 Painted Pumpkins - several cute ideas (last picture is one of them from this link)

Ghostly Pumpkin Pudding from Food Network - just cute!

Mini Pecan Pumpkin Pies from Food Network - another good recipe for a party

Funny Bones from Epicurious - they just would look cute on a table - but I am sure fun to eat too!

Pumpkin Seed Brittle from Epicurious - I like pumpkin seeds and peanut brittle so seems like a good combination

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