Sunday, October 4, 2009

Halloween Wreath

While searching for Halloween ideas I came across this DIY Halloween wreath. I figured I would give it a go, and see how cheaply I could do it.

First Stop: The Dollar Store

One wreath hoop, two strings of leaves, two Halloween ribbons, two bunches of orange flowers.

One strings of skeletons, one bag of skulls, one bag of plastic creepies, one black raven (the raven is hardly noticeable. In a do-over, I'd skip it).

Next Step: Spray paint the wreath and foliage a flat black. (I left one of the flower bunches orange so I could keep the orange/black Halloween color theme)

Next Step: Assembly. Wrap foliage around wreath. Randomly hot glue on skeletons, skulls, spiders, ribbons.

Last Step: Hang on the door and be praised by your husband and kids about how "cool" you are. :-)

Assuming you already have a hot glue gun and wreath door hanger, total price adds up this way:

Spray paint- $3.00
Wreath 'ingredients' - $11.00

Total price- $14.00


I have enough paint, flowers, skeletons, skulls and ribbon to make at least one more wreath. With another $3.00 investment from the dollar store, I'm going to make another one and send it to my mom for a Halloween present.

And it was FUN. You all should totally do this!

1 comment:

  1. That turned out so good! HOW FUN!

    When I pulled out my box of Halloween decorations this last week...I found lots of left over halloween ribbon, wire garland with pumpkins and orange rick rack for a wreath a made years ago but lost to a flood when storing it off season. And I thought this year I should do something with this stuff. I have a some little skull and pumpkin metal bells too that I got last year at Michael's 75% off after Halloween. And I have a string of those skeletons you used that I planned on using in art and haven't yet. I might even have a grapevine wreath around here too. So I might be set with things I have one hand. Thank you for the inspiration!



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