Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Free Samples

I am doing fall cleaning right now and I started with the master bathroom. I cleaned out all the cupboards, drawers, medicine cabinet and shelves. In cleaning out a drawer I found a TON of little samples - some were from magazines, some that I ordered from a website for a free sample, some given away at stores and so on. But often when it is a health and beauty product I get them and throw them in this drawer. Well right now with the economy as it is and we are trying to save money and cut corners, I decided it is about time to start using those samples since it might give me a few extra uses of shampoo or make up before buying new. Because they were in a draw though meant they were out of sight - out of mind. So I found a little basket that was not being used and placed it up on the counter so I will see them and hopefully now use them. And actually I already have used a couple since sitting them out on the counter.

Just a few places to get free samples:
My suggestion also is to have one email that you don't care getting bombed with spam. Whenever you sign up for things like this, you will get more emails from them and unfortunately some do give your email away so you will emails from others on top of it. So I created one email address specifically for signing up for junk online.

Often these sites have the same samples but a few times you will find something you don't see on the others.
Free Sample Forager
Free Stuff Headquarters
Free Sample Blog

A Livejournal community that started me in on getting samples.

Vocal Point - It is geared towards women - especially those that are Moms. It sends you samples or coupons for free products. And then coupons for often above $1 off on products (right now I have 5 - $1.50 off coupons for Kashi Honey Sunshine Cereal - anyone want one drop me an email.) I have gotten free razors, cereals, yogurt, crackers, tampons and then after getting the sample it asks you to visit their site and sound off on it.

I am sure there are others out there too - please feel free to share if you have one you use!


  1. Startsampling dot com is another great one!

    Thanks for the info. Can't wait to try the others!


  2. I really enjoy you thoughts on frugal living.



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