Saturday, May 29, 2010

Flying the Flag on Memorial Day


Fly the Flag on Memorial Day

Step 1. Raise the flag to the top of the pole, and then lower to half-staff position, which is halfway between the top and bottom of the pole. This is the proper way to fly a flag at half-staff.

Step 2. At noon, raise the flag once again to the top of the pole, full staff position.

Step 3. At sunset, ceremonially (slowly) lower the flag and store for the night. The American flag should never be flown at night unless it is properly illuminated by a spotlight trained on it.

Mounting a Flag on the Side of a House

Step 1. Choose a place to mount your flag. Usually the front of the home, on either side of the front door is best, but there are no regulations to this affect. Choose a place where the flag will be visible and has room to move in the wind without being tangled in trees or other obstructions.

Step 2. Mount the flagpole bracket to the wall with screws, usually provided with the purchase of the bracket.

Step 3. Adjust the bracket to the angle you want the flag to fly. Traditionally this is an angle higher than would make the flag fly horizontally. Make sure that the angle is high enough that the flag will not drag on the ground.

Step 4. Place the pole into the bracket and tighten to hold in place.

Step 5. Visit the, which has information about the history of the flag, flag regulations and many other interesting facts.

Tips & Warnings

Although many Americans fly their flags year round, yours should especially be displayed on days such as Memorial Day, Flag Day, Labor Day, Veterans Day and the fourth of July, along with other national holidays.

The US flag should never touch the ground.

Unless you have purchased an all-weather flag, do not fly in bad weather. In high winds it is always best to take the flag down.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Favorites

I totally spaced out that today was Friday. I've been on Thursday time all day!

With Memorial weekend upon us, I'd compiled a few links that I plan on using over the weekend. Because my dad is an ex-Marine and a veteran, this holiday has always been a time when the family would gather, we'd have a cookout, sit around and visit, and at some point in time, give thanks to those who served.

Here are my Memorial Day Friday Favorites!

1. Here are a couple of links with tell you where you can find the best Memorial Weekend sales around. Shopping Guru and Dealio.

2. These links, though geared toward women being behind the grill, are great for men, too. They just offer terrific "beginners" hints, along with recipes. There's Girls at the Grill, Girl on Grill Action, and Girls on a Grill.

3. Fabulous Living gives you a short but neat article on how to have a successful picnic. And for the vegetarians among us, some vegetarian barbecue recipes.

4. Some links to Memorial Day activities: Activities for the whole family and Memorial Day Weekend Party

5. Two desserts to make that are Memorial Day themed: Brownie Flag and cute Flag Fudge

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorites

I've been making drastic changes to my cooking habits in an effort to be healthier. These are some of the websites I've turned to.

Cooking Light: An invaluable source for light and healthy cooking tips.

Eating Well: A magazine that you can subscribe to, though the website is great and the newsletters are quite informative.

Healthy Baking: A small listing of healthy baking recipes.

Mother Earth News: This is another website that also has a printed magazine and I do have a subscription to this one. There are all sorts of tips, not just for healthy eating, but gardening, green living, DIY money savers. I love this one.

Whole Living: Just another site that contains all sorts of information for a healthier lifestyle.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Favorites

Nine Green Home Projects You Can Do Today - Don't know where to start in making your home green? I think these are a good start.

Sweet Paul Digital Magazine - the first issue and free right now and I hope it will be for a while as I really enjoyed reading it. Several recipes I want to try and then had some good crafts and entertaining ideas too.

Making Foaming Handsoap - the title of the entry is kind of desiving as says to make "homemade" foaming soap but really they are just creating a cheaper version by using a repurpose/cheat. Either way I know that my sisters love the foaming soap so I am going to share this cheat with them so they can save money!

102 Light Salad Dressing Recipes - by Cheap and Healthy. With it getting into a big salad season now using fresh veggies from the Farmer's Market, I thought trying out new dressings to keep from getting burnt out on salads by the end of the summer.

Mexican Potato Omelet by Martha Stewart - maybe a good weekend recipe for brunch

Monday, May 10, 2010

Clothing Fix-it Kit

I get Martha Stewart's Daily Organizing Tips and todays I really thought was one I could use and maybe others could too.

"Here's a mending must-have: A simple business-card organizer (from an office-supply store) that keeps all the fixings for your clothes in one place. Label and tuck your spare buttons, thread samples, cloth tags, and even those scratchy fabric-care labels you snip off garments (or pillows and blankets) into the compartments. It will be a snap to find them later."

The part that I would need to remember is the labeling. I am horrible at labeling those spare buttons and threads. I have them in various places, loose and very unorganized. So I really do need an organizing solution and this would be a good solution for me. I am sure I could find the business card organizer at the dollar store too so a cheap organizing solution.

* photo is from Martha Stewart's website

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Favorites

66 All Natural Cleaning Solutions by Real Simple

Gorgeously Green's 5 Yard Sale Items to Look For - I agree with her. Photo and picture frames are always good too - even if you don't like how they look paint them or another technique on them to make them work. Also think about how things can be transformed into storage solutions. Maybe you don't need a new dresser but would the drawers work on casters as under the bed storage? I once bought a really heavy duty wok that was rusty. I was hopeful I could get the rust off but I couldn't so instead I painted over it. And it is a basket holding yarns in my art studio. In the past I had it on a table to hold incoming mail.

Brown Sugar Glazed Bacon by Martha Stewart - yums!

Make Your Greens Last Longer - This link was sent to me by Jouet. It is a good quick overview of how to make greens last longer.

And also going to add this Gorgeously Green video....I haven't had time to go to the grocery store and check out the numbers yet - but I do find it interesting.

Gorgeously Green - How to Read Labels from Gorgeously Green on Vimeo.


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