Friday, October 30, 2009

Friday Favorites

Last weeks Friday Favorites was Autumn and Thanksgiving type links and now this will be the next big holiday push....

7 Thanksgiving into Christmas Planning Tips - On my browser this one starts half way down the page. But some just tips on creating decorations that work from Thanksgiving to Christmas.

Holiday Planning Notebook - I have one of these. I might take pictures of it and do a whole post on it. But for now this link will get you started if you want to do one. I like it to keep track of things I might not ever remember if I didn't write it down. Such as last year I used Yukon Gold potatoes for my creamed potato recipe for Christmas Eve dinner. And they turned out better then they ever have so I made a note and actually stuck the label of the potatoes in there. I like keeping track what gifts I give because at times I repeat a craft. So if I gave them a decoupaged picture frame last year I really don't want to give them one again this year.

Organized Christmas or (also here Christmas Planner mirror site) - lots of articles on how to organize your Christmas....printable forms, recipes, craft ideas, decorating ideas and so on.

10 Things to do before the Holidays - quick list of tips to prep for the holidays

Christmas Checklists - has quite a few checklists from get a head start on the holidays to printable gift lists

To Do List for Christmas - same place I listed for Thanksgiving last week but this one is for Christmas. It starts 2 months ahead up until Christmas day

The 5 Holiday Senses - This is really important to Master. He wants me to create an environment that touches all his sense. He loves to just sit and take it all in. And of course that makes me happy to see him so pleased and happy.

Photo from: 7 Thanksgiving into Christmas Planning Tips

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