Monday, October 5, 2009

Fall Cleaning: Bathroom

I started fall cleaning last week and will most likely be done with it tomorrow. I thought I would post a list or two daily this week that I use for fall cleaning. I also will be adding a pdf list at the end if you want to download it and print. Please let me know if it isn't working as this is the first time I have tried to link a pdf from our website. And sometimes our hotlinking protection acts a little wonky.


* Declutter and reorganize - get rid of all the old tubes of lipstick and make up.
* Wash curtains and bathroom rugs
* Empty and wash out trash can
* Wipe down all cabinets the inside and outside
* Clean light fixtures and change any bulbs that are needed
* Clean windows - remember to clean window sill and on top of window sill as well as the tracts and screen. Use toothbrush for hard to reach areas
* Wipe down the bathroom door, and the top of the bathroom door
* Spray down your shower/tub with cleaner, let sit for a bit and then scrub well. Use a magic eraser or stiff scrub brush and then a tooth brush for tiny areas and grout.
* Clean and disinfect toilet
* Clean a soap dish and toothbrush holder by putting them in the dishwasher
* Replace bar soap or refill liquid soap - replace toothbrushes
* Clean sink and faucet and counter - use tooth brush around the faucet and handles to get close and into grooves
* Clean mirror with a microfiber cloth dampened with a solution of vinegar water
* Wipe down light switches, outlets, towel racks and toilet paper holder. Also any furniture - shelves above toilet
* Dust, wipe down and dry walls and baseboards - Clean walls and baseboards with a dampened microfiber cloth. Use alcohol on build of hairspray. Wallpaper only dust
* Take heating vent cover off - scrub heating vent cover and then using vacuum hose vacuum in the shaft and surrounding area
* Wash floor with a vinegar/water solution
* Put back shower curtain and rugs or change out with seasonal ones
* Put fresh towels out

* Think of ways to reorganize using things around the house. A pretty little jar for q-tips, a candy dish with a cover for cotton balls
* Create baskets for each family member to put their hair products, blow dryers and curling irons so they are responsible for putting things away into their basket after using.

Download and Print Fall Cleaning List - Bathroom

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  1. In Western New York, winter sometimes comes early, so it is never too early to start your fall cleaning. I have collected some of our favorite fall cleaning tips to help you get started.

    Fall Cleaning Tip 1: Make a fall-cleaning attack plan.
    Before you even lift a box or a cleaning rag, lift a pen, and make a plan of attack. Your fall-cleaning plan of attack should start with the bigger obstacles and work down to the smaller things. If you have a room that you use for storage that is impossible to walk through, then that room should be at the top of your list. Rooms that just have a couple of drawers that need to be gone through should be toward the bottom of your list.

    Fall Cleaning Tip 2: Clean, clean and clean.
    Cleaning your house from top to bottom, focusing on public rooms such as the living room, family room, entryway and guest bath including washing walls and ceilings. A cleaner home during the winter months will help cut down on allergies and colds.

    Fall Cleaning Tip 3: Clean your windows.
    Clean your windows, inside and out, including in between the sills. If you have new windows, check with your manufacturer on cleaning tips. You may not be able to use typical window cleaners. If you can't (or won't), use soap and water and dry with a microfiber cloth. Valu now offers environmentally safe household cleaners.

    Fall Cleaning Tip 4: Professionally clean your carpets.
    Professionally clean your carpets. All summer they have been building up with dirt and allergens that will get trapped in your home during the winter. To save costs, you can always rent a Rug Doctor!



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