Monday, October 26, 2009

Menu x3

I have posted menus in a while so here is 3 weeks worth of menus.

10/12 Monday - Italian sausages, peppers, onions buns served with salad
Tuesday - pork roast with roasted veggies
Wednesday - cashew chicken over rice with stir-fry veggies
Thursday - baked potatoes with veggies, cheese and bacon on them
Friday - penne tossed with pesto, diced tomatoes and chicken
Saturday - left overs
10/18 Sunday - homemade pizza - veggie and pepperoni - salad and wine

10/ 19 Monday - chicken and black bean tacos
Tuesday - turkey tomato pesto paninis and oven fries
Wednesday - left overs
Thursday - pork chops sauteed in balsamic, served with wild rice and green beans
Friday - out to eat
Saturday -frittata (potatoes, eggs and veggies) served with salad with balsamic vinegar dressing
10/25 Sunday - spaghetti and homemade meatballs served with salad and garlic toast

10/26 Monday - left overs
Tuesday - chili and homemade cornbread
Wednesday - chili cheese burritos and spanish rice
Thursday - pancakes and sausage with fruit
Friday - going to a party
Saturday - going out of town
11/1 Sunday - grilled cheese and homemade soup (not sure what kind yet but maybe beef barely)

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