Monday, May 5, 2014

Cleaning: Garbage Disposal

Whenever I need to juice or zest from lemons, limes or oranges, I take the leftovers - including juiced/zested fruit and cut them into little pieces maybe the size of a quarter. I  store them in a freezer storage bag (ziplock) in the freezer. Run the garbage disposal with a couple pieces of the frozen citrus fruit in it and it not only helps clean the blades, but it make the kitchen smell good.

Another thing I do with the garbage disposal to help clean it is pour some baking soda down it, let it sit for a bit and then add some vinegar that I boiled in the microwave.  You will hear it fizz.  Be careful after pulling the vinegar out of the microwave as the smell is extremely strong so don't put your face over it and breath in. After the fizzing dies down, I run hot water while the disposal is turned on.  It suppose to help clean as well as be good for keeping drain clear.


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