Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Green Newsletter

I receive in my email box Monday through Friday a newsletter called: Ideal Bite. They send you tips on how to go green. They not only tell you how but tell you why you should. It often gives you names of green products to go with the tip. And it gives little factoids also that I really enjoy.

Check out a few of these past tips:
Hot Mess - on cleaning the oven
Pillow Fight - how to make your pillows last longer
Gnocchi Pokey - which has a recipe and why using sweet potatoes is good
First Class Love Letter - how to save on shipping costs
Rubbing it In - massage oils
Regifting 2.0 - about reusable gift wrap

I know that they have helped me go more green then I would have thought of without all the information they provide. You can view them online too if you don't like getting more emails. I just like emails so that I can save the ones that I know I will use.

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