Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I am signed up for quite a few email newsletters so I thought I would share them all with you. I like opening them up scanning to see if anything jumps out at me. And then I save them in a folder in my mailbox if I like something or if it really inspires me for the moment - I print it right away.

* Daily Dish - This one is just what it says daily dish - I don't get it anymore but did for years (others below are what I get now). It has one meat recipe and an added one too sometimes vegetarian recipe, sometimes just another recipe that would be good with it it or a quicker version. And then it has a few links to sides that would go them. This actually has saved me a few times when I was completely clueless on what I was going to make for dinner. This one of course is delivered daily.

* Healthy Bites - Again what the name implies healthy recipes. It is delivered weekly.

* Slow Cooker - Seasonal recipes, tips, and ideas for using your Slow Cooker year-round that is delivered weekly. I just started this one not too long ago and haven't seen many recipes so far that have really got my attention. But I love using my slow cooker so don't doubt I will find some inspiration from it.

They also have several others that I don't get. But at the holidays I do sign up for the cookie countdown.

MarthaStewart.com has are probably my favorite daily/weekly emails I get. If you go to MarthStewart.com and go to the top menu tabs: subscribe. Click that and scroll down to newsletters. Click on any of them and it will give you options to sign up for many more then just that one. For some reason I am not finding a link to just all the different options.

From MarthaStewart.com I get:
* Martha Stewart Living - A weekly newsletter of the best recipes, crafts, and decorating ideas.

* Everyday Food - A weekly newsletter for easy and quick meals. Plus dessert recipes, cooking tips and techniques.

* Whole Living - A weekly newsletter with ideas, recipes and tips for living a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

* Craft of the Day - Which is just as it sounds I get an email with a link to the craft of the day. That has instructions and sometimes video with it.

* Organizing Tip of the Day - And this one is by far my favorite an email that arrives daily with an organizing tip.

* Dinner Tonight - a daily email with a dinner recipe. This one has saved me a few times. Through either making it or at least sparking an idea I had in the house to make.

I also am signed up for many of her holiday newsletters. Umm I like Martha Stewart's newsletters can you tell?

Cooking Light's Dinner Tonight - again daily that gives ideas for dinner - except these are healthy.

And I am also signed up My Recipes Chicken Tonight as we have chicken a lot. That you can get to at the link above.

Myrecipes.com has quite a few newsletters but those are the only 2 I get at this time. But have thought about getting the home tips one though.

Kraft Food and Family - I got this because I had their magazine - which used to be free but now they charge for it. Even if I don't always use their products it sometimes gives me a starting off point for meals...that are easy.

And then I get Daily Diabetic Recipes - because often they are healthy recipes with lots of flavor to them. I have probably made more recipes from them then any of the other newsletters I get. And we are not diabetic either. They are just are healthy recipes.

And then also I get the Ideal Bite one that I mentioned here recently.

And then I get Better Homes and Garden's 100 Days of Holidays - which is an email I think it starts the first day of fall(?) and then goes all the way to New Years. And it has decorating, entertaining, recipes, crafts, kid projects, party ideas and so on for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

There are a TON of newsletters to sign up for there. But I really I never noticed until now - because I signed up for the 100 Days through my magazine subscription. There was a link listed in it for the 100 Days that looked fun. And really I have enjoyed it a lot. I made a few craft projects for Thanksgiving last year. And a couple Halloween recipes. This year I hope to do more or their ideas.

I also get 2 daily emails that aren't domestic but they do help keep me centered and positve outlook on life. One is from Daily Om and the other is Notes from the Universe.

That is it. I know it is quite a few but it really just takes me moments to open them up and scan them. And frankly I hit delete on quite a few. But then there is something in several that spark my interest enough to look further.

Do you have any newsletters you would like to share? I obviously need some more. :)

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