Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Travel Packing Tips

We are leaving today for a business trip. So I have been busy packing. Here are a few things I do when packing.

* picked up a cloth laundry bag at the Dollar Tree for dirty laundry. In the past I have used just plastic grocery sacks but they are so tiny and sometimes break so I found that the laundry sack from Dollar Tree is big enough to hold quite a bit of laundry and has a draw string so that items don't fall out and easy to tote around.

* bring a small spray bottle of Febreeze. Sometimes the hotel rooms we go to no matter if we get non-smoking still smell like smoke. Master doesn't like the smell at all and I am allergic to smoke so it makes for unpleasant stays. Febreeze usually helps clear it up enough to make our stay better.

* smaller toiletries bottles - I have picked up packs of 2 to 4 bottles (again I get them at Dollar Tree) so I can put some of our daily bathroom necessities in them so that it saves space. I have huge bottle of Aveeno that really isn't fun to pack. So putting some in a little bottle makes it a lot easier. Even buying small travel size shampoo, condition or other products and reusing the bottle is good if you can't find the bottles that work. And now going through airport security you can't have any big bottles anyway.

* plastic bags - pack shoes in plastic bags so they don't get clothes dirty. pack things that might or could leak in freezer ziplocks.

* Once at my destination I hang items in a steamy bathroom, to help de-crease them after being packed in a suitcase.

* a must have bag - snacks (see below), wet wipes, anti-bacterial gel, tissues, gum, allergy medicine/prescription meds, lightweight jacket/sweater, sunglasses, notebook and pen, lint brush, small flashlight, sunscreen, sewing kit and a first-aid kit

* snacks - nuts, crackers, pretzels, crackers sandwiches with peanut butter or cheese, granola/cereal bars, dried fruit, fresh fruit, trail mix and even PB&J sandwiches. If you have a cooler, cheese, frozen grapes, carrots or bagels and cream cheese.

* keep hydrated - If traveling by car, remember to pack lots of water. If traveling by plane, you will have to buy a bottle after you get through airport security.

I found these links:
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Frommer's Pack List - bottom of link

Pack List

How to Pack a Suitcase

I listed on my Friday Favorites SpringPadIt.com and I really have enjoyed it for keeping organized. I have a Travel Task List - that has pack list, a planning of what we are doing while out of town, notes for this and that, a file I wanted to have while out of town. All that is broken up under one Task List and I will be able to access it anywhere. Even M's phone. It has really helped me keeping everything in one place instead of many many word documents on my computer.


  1. I hate paying the inflated airport prices for a little bottle of water so I take an empty water bottle with me. I fill it up at a fountain after I go through security. Just leave it on top when you put stuff in the bin so they can shake it or see it's empty.

  2. Impish1, That is a GREAT idea! I have always hated having to buy water at airports now too.

  3. Good packing is essential for a good move. If you choose to do some or all of your own packing in preparation for your relocation, it’s especially important that you be familiar with the techniques and boxes that will best protect your possessions.

  4. Hi,

    It is an excellent post on "Travel Packing Tips".

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