Saturday, December 3, 2011

Little Handmade Gifts

These are some gifts that have been posted on Domestic Servitude that you can make to give during the holidays.

1. Bath Cookie - I made these in Lavendar and Lemongrass scents.  Make sure to mark them for bath only not eatable.

2. Bath Fizzes - I got the Citric Acid for these at natural/health food grocer.  It is something used often when canning but I didn't find it in regular grocery stores near canning supplies unfortunately.

3. Sweet & Spicy Bath Salts - all the ingredients in this recipe by katie, you most likely have on hand!  It would be good idea for all those little empty bottles of herbs/spices that I save wondering how can I reuse these.

4.  Clothes Pin Magnets - very inexpensive - 36 pack of clothes pins at Dollar Tree, 50 cent acrylic paints at  Michael's and then just cheap little stamps I have picked up at Michael and Dollar Tree. Make a great stocking stuffer.

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