Thursday, December 8, 2011

Easy Tinsel Garland Wreath

Made this Wreath for Christmas 2010

I got this idea from Creature Comforts. Please check out her directions too as she has other options and some creative add-ons. This was such a simple and inexpensive wreath. I got all my supplies at the dollar store. Cost me I think $5 for everything and I had left over supplies. 

1.  Take embroidery hoops in various sizes, store-bought tinsel garland (a 6” embroidery hoop uses approximately 12’ of garland), and a pair of scissors. 

2. Begin by tucking one end of the garland under the metal latch at the top of your embroidery hoop.

3. Begin wrapping the tinsel garland around the embroidery hoop making sure to keep the garland taught as you go. Every  wrap around the hoop you will want to push the wrapped section up so that it fills in nice and full and does not look sparse. Continue wrapping and pushing it up to make it full until the entire embroidery hoop is covered and you've used the full length of garland. If you happen to run out of garland along the way you can easily just continue with another piece of garland and cut it off when your wreath is full.  Secure the loose end(s) by tucking between the embroider hoops (which can be tricky) or just pushing it under some already wrapped pieces so it stays tucked under and not falling down and loose. 
4. Add bow or a waxed paper flower.  Add some ribbon to hang and and enjoy the wreath!

My wreath in the photo - has a fairly large embroidery hoop and a small one. I laid the small one on top of the large one and then hung them together on the door.  It created a fuller look to the wreath. 

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