Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Grinding Nuts

It seems to me that the holiday baking season calls for bunches and bunches of ground nuts.  Generally I buy whole or broken nuts and do the grinding myself because it tends to be cheaper.  For a long time, I used a hand-crank, old-fashioned model and was pleased with it.  It took a long time to do several pounds, however; and the chop wasn't very uniform.
I found a meat grinder attachment for my mixer at a yard sale for $4.  I bought it thinking I would occasionally use it to grind meat.  Turns out, it's perfect for grinding nuts too.  It's much, much faster and the grind is perfectly uniform.

If you have a lot of nuts to grind this holiday season, find a friend who hunts they most likely have a meat grinder and ask to borrow it.  Just a few minutes and you can grind several pounds and store the ground nuts in the freezer for future use.  I store the ground nuts in clearly marked bags with the amount pre-measured for ease during long baking sessions. 

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