Sunday, December 4, 2011

Handmade Holiday Gifts

I have some great ideas for you if you are looking for reasonably priced, handmade, holiday gifties.

First is Handwritten Letters from Santa!

My dear friend and sister-of-my-heart is providing these wonderful letters. Written in gold or silver ink, customized to your child or children and with a North Pole postmark. They come in a plain brown envelope so that little eyes won't see them before you are ready!

Order here and be sure to mention that you got the idea from Rheya!

Also available at the same Etsy store are "Naughty" or "Nice" Certificates! Which one have you been this year?

Whimsical, suitable for framing, so you can prove you've been well behaved! You can see that the author has nice penmanship as well as creativity! I've know The Kitchen Jedi for many many years.

Letters from Santa are kid tested too. She has a list of questions she asks to help make it more personal to your child, you choose what the details are and then watch when big eyes say "How did he know?!"

You can see samples of her letters on her Esty page.

The Kitchen Jedi offering Handwritten letters from Santa and Naughty and Nice Certificates

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