Friday, March 5, 2010

Friday Favorites

With St. Patrick’s Day approaching on March 17th, I thought it would be fun to focus this Friday Five on recipes, crafts, and all things having to do with this fun holiday that is not just for those who are Irish. To me on St. Patrick’s day, anyone can be a little green. has some amazing St. Patrick’s Day Recipes. Some that I have found to be tried and true on this particular festive occasion are: St. Patrick’s Day wouldn’t be the same holiday without some traditional Irish Soda Bread. This bread is so yummy that you don’t just need to make it once a year. This super easy yet incredibly tasty corned beef dish has only 3 simple ingredients and is easily made in either a dutch oven or slow cooker. You won’t regret trying this one out. The Guinness gives it a rich hearty flavor. While the recipe doesn’t mention it, I also like to add cabbage to this recipe to cook while the corned beef is cooking as my family enjoys the cabbage as much as the corned beef. I love the Kaboose site not just for it’s really great recipes for all sorts of holidays, but because it gives celebration tips and tricks, crafts for kids to do relating to various occasions, games for kids to play etc. Just something to really round out the entire holiday experience.

And in the interest of “being green”… I wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some better planet living websites, for ways to “go green” one step at a time. What better time to start then on the ultimate green holiday… St. Patrick’s Day This site offers ideas from little to large on ways to make your home, community, and over all planet a nicer place to live. Lots of interesting bits of information. There are plenty of things on here that I wouldn’t dream of changing, but I have found some great things that I can change with ease from searching this site. The green guide offers information on everything from purchases to traveling green. Lots of great information for those who wish to leave less of a carbon footprint on the world around them. Although I have found this site to be a bit more political than I would like, there are some great pieces of information to be gathered on changes you can make in order to help make the planet a healthier place to live for you and your loved ones.

With that I hope that all of you enjoy a green beer, or green glass of wine, perhaps some corned beef, and some Irish soda bread. Enjoy the day and think of ways to make little changes in your life to make your world a bit better of a place to live. Go Green!!


  1. It always saddens me to see "go green" and "eat meat" right next to each other. It's actually MORE contradictory than saying "Go green, drive a huge SUV."

    The UN report "Livestock's Long Shadow" showed that meat production is THE leading cause of global warming. It's more than the ENTIRE transportation sector COMBINED! Crazy, right?

    But that's just the way it is. However, if someone ACTUALLY wants to help the planet, it's as easy as leaving meat off your plate.

    Save an animal, save the Earth, and possibly your arteries in the process!

  2. Chloe -- the "go green" was really more of a pun on me posting St. Patrick Day links and green being the color of the holiday.

    That said -- I think anything you can do to help the planet is a good thing, and that doesn't mean one has to give up meat to do it. In fact I would offer up that by leaving off meat from your plate for all of the time you are putting people out of work, and hurting the economy. But that's just my meat loving view of things :)

    I do believe those who choose not to eat meat shouldn't. I am just not one of those. But being a carnivor I can still help the planet in other ways.

  3. Chloe, I am sorry it saddens you to see that. I understand your reasoning. But I do think it is a personal choice to not eat meat or eat meat. And I think there are many ways to go green and help the environment. Not just leaving meat off your plate.

    I know that for me when went through a period in my life where I didn't eat meat - I just didn't have the energy I do eating protein from meat. And I also was sick more often and easily. I know that isn't the case for most people but it was for me. So I eat meat. I do try do meatless meals often though. But my logic of that is mostly because it is cheaper and helps our grocery bill.

    I also know there are more ethical and green ways to eat meat such as buying from local farms that don't use all the injected chemicals and don't run their farm as a corporation. And we do try to do that when it fits our budget and it is something we would love to do all the time.

    I know it isn't perfect but I know we try to do more and more each year in going green.

  4. Jen - I didn't mean to imply that leaving meat off your plate is the ONLY way to help the planet - of course it's not! It is the only way to save it, though.

    We will eliminate the possibility of sustaining human life on this planet if we continue the unnecessary practice of using animals as food sources.

    This isn't a moral plea - it's just mathematical. And it sucks. I'd be a lot happier knowing this was just an ethical debate, not a human survival issue.

    But never fear - it wouldn't put anyone out of a job to go veg! Anyone dropping animal products from their diet would need to replace those veggies with something plant-based, so there would be an increase in farming jobs. I doubt the world will go veg overnight, so it won't even be an issue - just a slow transition. Plus, generations down the line, there will still be humans around to HAVE jobs. Perk!

    danae - I've experienced bouts of feeling not-so-good while eating veg. While most people feel wonderful, it definitely does happen! Most often it has to do with a lack of vitamin D, B12, and/or iron, and nothing to do with eating meat itself. (And I'm saying this because these are things to consider if you opt for meat-free meals - whether you do so for ethical or financial reasons!)

    Food for thought, for anyone who happens to read this - no matter their diet. I have to take Rx vitamin D above and beyond a multi-vitamin (and have since I was an omnivore!)

    And, I really DO appreciate the sentiments of people who want to find more environmentally-friendly sources of meat, dairy, and eggs. I don't want to discount those efforts or mindsets. I hope they spread.

    Thank you both for replying to me. I'd like to say I love what ALL of you guys have done with this blog - it's such a wonderful resource.




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