Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March Question Month: Tasks

"What is your favorite domestic task and what is your least favorite and why."

My favorite is doing laundry. And with 6 people in the house, that's probably a very good thing. I do a lot of it.

I'm not sure why I enjoy it so much. It's just that putting it in dirty and stinky and taking it out clean and smelling fresh makes me happy.

I'm not a terribly precise sorter, I tend to sort more by person's clothes than by fabric. I really like being able to have one person's clothes in a load at a time, though I will combine if I need to fill a load. Other than that kind of sorting, I wash whites in bleach and hot water and everything else in cold.

I'm all about saving money on laundry. I make my own detergent and cut dryer sheets in half. I don't use a fabric softener, unless I pour some vinegar in a load of towels, because I don't like for the clothes to be scented at all. I just like them to smell clean.

My least favorite chore is putting dishes away. That chore just seems to be such an immense time waster. It's probably the easiest and fastest chore to do in the whole house and I hate it anyway.

I don't mind washing dishes or drying them but unloading the dishwasher or emptying the drainer is one of those things I drag my feet to do. Lots of times, I delegate that chore to the kids as they'd rather unload than load and I'd rather load than unload. The only bad thing about that is that I'm particular about how the dishes are placed in the cupboards so I tend to go behind them and rearrange anyway.

Great question! Thank you. :)


  1. I love laundry, too- for exactly the same reason. Clean and smelling fresh makes me happy. :)

  2. I like to clean the wood floors. The entire first floor is all wood as is 90% of the second floor. I like the smell of vinegar once they are done and the light gleams off of the floors. It feels good to skate around on the floors in stocking feet. :D Once it's done, I feel very accomplished because it's a huge task.

    I don't mind doing laundry. It's easy; I'm not really doing anything but loading the washer then the dryer. The hard part is...the part I hate is putting the clean clothes away. I have 3 overflowing baskets of clean clothes in the laundry room right now. I will live out of a basket. I don't even mind folding laundry fresh out of the dryer. But I just can't seem to make myself put it away. *lowers head in shame*



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