Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Question Month: Tasks

"What is your favorite domestic task and what is your least favorite, and why."

I would have to say that my favorite domestic task is polishing silver. I love the way my silver service all looks when it is polished and put away. It shines like nothing else in the house. I also love that it is something that only needs to be done 4 times a year, with touch ups when we are planning to use it (in between the times when I take all the pieces out and polish them). I think part of my love of this also is because the silver that I own is from my grandmothers on both sides of the family and it is an heirloom that I treasure. So taking the pieces out and caring for them is as much an act of love as it is a household task.

I would have to say my least favorite domestic task is cleaning floors. And well we have a LOT of floors in our home. We have mostly hardwood floors, and they are dark in color and no matter how often I clean them they show every speck of dust, dirt, etc. Add to that all of the mess a 2 year old can make, and no matter how quickly you clean the floor, there are spots that need to be redone before you can ever get them all clean.

That being said, I dry mop (usually with a swiffer) the floors daily and heavy clean them once a week. I used to do them twice a week before having a small child, now the effort simply isn't worth the outcome, so I use that time to do other tasks instead. Once a week for heavy cleaning is plenty to keep our floors looking nice. Of course if company is coming, then there is always that last minute floor doing as well.

1 comment:

  1. This is easy.

    I hate cleaning the kids bathroom. I swear those boys can't aim to save their life!

    My favorite thing is to hand wash my wife's lingere. Yes, I know that sounds kinky but it's very intimate and I don't think it is something a wife should do.



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