Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I love spring cleaning. This process lets me let go of the winter blues and greet the spring with a clean slate. It’s hard work for sure, but deeply satisfying.

Usually when I think of spring cleaning, I think of… well, an overhaul. Scrubbing out the aftermath of winter when we’ve been housebound more than usual, washing window screens and window treatments, cleaning behind all the major appliances, washing the walls and airing out the house. And danae’s compiled some outstanding checklists to help keep that process organized.

But this year… I’m going to ramp up to Spring Cleaning with a few other overhauls.
  • De-cluttering the calendar: I prioritize my time and activities to make sure I am using my time effectively, and give myself enough time to recharge. I also build some time into the schedule to get outside and enjoy the breezes and sunshine with a walk or workout. Most importantly, I make sure I get enough sleep on a regular basis- even if I have to schedule it in.
  • Spring cleaning the PC: I set aside an afternoon to do a backup, defrag, virus check, security patch updates, organizing my desktop and any loose files that need a home, deleting anything outdated (or uninstalling unused programs). I also remove any RSS feeds or groups that I no longer have time to read, catch up on emails, and make sure my contact list/address book is updated and backed up.
  • Checking expirations on cosmetics and medications/vitamins: I do this two, maybe three times a year, primarily because I love makeup and have a terrifying amount of ‘stuff’. Here’s a good rule of thumb for cosmetic expiration dates. I also purge vitamins and supplements as needed, as well as items in my first aid kit and medicine cabinet. I put out the oldest items in front, so I use those up first.
  • Freshening up my hair and makeup: I usually make major changes in spring, whether it’s cutting my hair, adding in a few highlights to chase away the darker winter tones, switching to brighter, sheer colors in cosmetics or just wanting something fresh and different. When I switch over to my warmer seasonal clothes, I take a head-to-toe look to see if I’m where I want to be. I also try to take a critical eye to my mirror and make sure I'm not in a rut... (What would they say to me on What Not to Wear?)
  • Unconditioning: I’ve found my winter hair conditioners and moisturizers are not always my best choice for spring/summer. Usually, I switch to lighter lotions instead of body butters and often find my conditioner is too heavy in the warmer months.
  • Detailing the car: I normally wash my car weekly, and vacuum/wipe down inside twice a month. But in the spring, I do like to spend the time on a deep clean/detail (or dropping it off to get done :) It allows me to really examine the car for any damage (especially if you are in cold climates, where the roads are treated during icy/snow conditions) or other contaminants such as tree sap/bird droppings that might affect the paint. And I can shampoo/condition the interior.


  1. Do you want to come to my house to spring clean??? please pretty please :) I am so not motivated this year with the baby coming I am so tired and find that I am doing the bare minimum of spring cleaning and mostly just focusing on getting ready for baby.

  2. If there was ever a good reason not to spring clean, it would be baby prep. I've heard that right before baby makes her appearance, don't moms-to-be start to clean and nest?

    (Is this an old wives' tale? I have no idea since I'm not a parent) But anytime I come out to visit, I'll be happy to clean away :)



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