Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Question Month: Tasks

"What is your favorite domestic task and what is your least favorite and why."

My favorite task is scrubbing the bathroom.

For one thing, I find it relaxing to get my scrub on and often use the time to think while I clean. A bathroom is small enough that I can have it scrubbed, mopped, aired out, wiped down from ceiling to baseboards and mopped very quickly whenever the mood strikes me. (As opposed to some other chores where I run out of steam about halfway through and I'm stuck with a room that looks like my closet exploded)

The other reason is that like my bedroom, I prefer to keep my bathroom uncluttered and serene. I'm big into bubblebaths and pampering. So I keep my bath area airy, full of white space, and as spa-like as possible.

I air it out/sweep/wipe down nightly, and mop/scrub down twice a week.

My least favorite task is dusting, especially if the home has a plethora of knickknacks (aka dustcatchers).

Anything dust related plays up my allergies. I especially do not enjoy cleaning ceiling fans/air vents where the dust falls on me. At the same time, I'm squicked out by ceiling fans with an inch of dust hanging off the edge of the blade, so it's actually the first thing I dust in a room. Then I work downward (from ceiling to floor) before I vacuum.

Thanks for the question! I'm looking forward to hearing what others' enjoy, or don't.

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