Monday, March 15, 2010

Review of

Our order arrived on Friday. It took 5 days but most reviews from bigger cities seem to get things overnight. It came UPS and it was in a good box but some things I enjoyed about the packaging....

They had the Earth Aware packing pillows so more friendly for the environment. There was no wasted space in the box. You know how you will get a huge box from Amazon with one little thing in it. Well that is not the case with they packed it very well.

The liquids were packed in a ziplock together. And then the powdered items were in another ziplock. And they even taped down the cap on the one bottle. But nothing was spilled. The powdered stuff was sprinkled in the bag but not that bad. And that happens even when you pick them up in the grocery store so not a big problem to me. I just really liked that it was packed with such care.

They included a little sack of free samples. It had granola bars and 2 other things I am not remembering at the moment.

The cost on all the items we bought in this order were lower than what we would have got at the store. applies coupons so 3 of the items had coupons taken off the original price. I also was able to order something I can't get locally - washing soda. Our box weighed 14lbs and that would have cost a pretty penny to get it shipped but with you get FREE SHIPPING so there was nothing about my experience with that I didn't like.

The other side of the box says Everyone needs an Alice and I think they are right. I know we will be ordering from them again.


  1. Oh I've been looking for washing soda forever! Yay! I'm going to look into too :)

  2. I was expecting an Alice in Wonderland review!! I've never hard of'll have to check it out.

  3. Great review! I'm sold and getting set up there now.



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