Thursday, March 11, 2010

One Pan

Sunday mornings is one of my favorite we just have a tradition. (I am not saying routine as that sounds mundane and Sunday mornings isn't mundane). We start our morning out by making breakfast together. It started because when I first moved here - there were a few breakfast things that I couldn't make but he could. Such as I couldn't fry an egg nor could I make "round" pancakes. I can do both of those things now but our tradition stuck so that we make breakfast together every Sunday. Though I have to say he is the one who mostly makes breakfast on Sunday. It is something he likes to do and just has some Sunday brunch specialties - that are just his thing. So I asked if I could share one of his Sunday recipes. When his family camped as a boy, they had this dish. They called it One pan but we use more then one pan when making it.

It isn't much of a strict recipe but more like guidelines. It is so easy to make variations of it too.

1 lb Ground Pork or Turkey Breakfast Sausage - browned
1 dozen eggs - beaten
1 bag frozen hash brown potatoes
salt and pepper to taste

Prepare hash browns according to skillet directions on the package. Season with salt and pepper.

When the hash browns are mostly browned, add the cooked sausage.

Beat 12 eggs and pour over hash browns and sausage. Stir in and allow to cook. Stir every so often until finally cooked all the way through.

Serve! I like to serve in bowls with a little cheese on top. But also some salsa tastes good too.

A good variation is to saute onions, mixed bell peppers and mushrooms and mix in when adding the sausage. Or use ham or crumbled bacon. It just is easy to make this into whatever sounds good.

Serves 6 people. We have left overs for breakfasts during the week.

Download and Print: One Pan


  1. 12 eggs?? How much sausage do you use?

    How many people does this feed?

  2. I make something like this, but call it Hash. I use the Potatoes O'Brien (with peppers and onions like your variation) I love to add cheese to the top and the broil it so that it's nice and browned on top. :)

  3. Jouet - 1 lb sausage and it feeds about 6. I added both those things to the post. That is what I get for writing this in the early morning hours and not looking it over before posting. :)

  4. I make something very similar about once a month but I prefer to use red new potatoes diced up instead of using frozen potatoes. I like the texture better of the new potatoes diced. It has more of a firmness to it I find.

    I also tend to add a bunch of veggies (whatever type I have on hand) and lots of cheese at the end, but we love cheese around here.



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