Sunday, July 19, 2009

Book: Betty Crocker Cookbook

Nothing gourmet about this book. But this is the book that I used to teach myself how to cook and it is still a resource I go to often. It has all the basics: how to bake an apple pie, make stew, make fried chicken, how to boil corn on the cob, bake a potato, steam vegetables, how to cook certain cuts of meat and how to use measuring cups. If you are just learning to cook, this is a good starting place. It is one that I think you will turn to quite a bit.

Also this book has had so many revisions. I am not sure what edition mine is but I do remember my first one was given to me by my Mom in 1991 for a bridal shower gift. Unfortunately it was sitting on the counter and a watermelon I got for 4th of July one year was sitting on the counter in front of it and burst ruining almost all my cookbooks. Some that were my grandmothers - you know the kind that church ladies make up for fundraisers. Luckily I was able replace the Betty Crocker right away because I couldn't live without it.

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  1. It was totally weird seeing the picture of this cookbook when I checked the blog today! My mom has used this cookbook as a basics bible since it was given to her right after she was married, around 1980. After a quick look, the edition you posted is the 1978 edition. Its the absolutely perfect, no frills, "how long do I cook that again?", cookbook.



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