Friday, August 14, 2009

Friday Favorites

For the Love of Cooking blog - wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures

Oxiclean secret - I really have always wanted to try Oxiclean but couldn't justify the cost when I can use other things and elbow grease to get things clean. Maybe not as clean as oxiclean but it just was out of my budget. But Margaret discovered a cost effective substitute. yay! Thank you!

16 Prestigious Schools that Offer Free Online Classes - I haven't had a chance to see what kind of classes but free learning of any kind is cool to me!

Post Office Bag tutorial - when we go to the post office I am always juggling packages and trying not to drop anything. This is a really good solution to me.

Storage Table and Wall Art
- I so like the idea of this table. I don't think it is very attractive but I think it could be. And I so love the wall art - I have a thing for typography so having bunches of letters and numbers on a wall would be great.

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