Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Blog Love: Feast on the Cheap

The Well Stocked Pantry (and associated costs in setting that up)- Honestly, this page is going on my top ten favorite bookmarks.

While the pantry article originally caught my eye, the blog is really worth browsing: Feast on the Cheap. One of the blog authors wrote “Delicious, healthy, homemade food should be easy and accessible – and shouldn’t require a massive bank account.”

I totally agree! And the food? Summer yummy.


  1. Thank you! So nice to come across this, really appreciate the "Blog Love!"

  2. What an amazing link! Thank you for sharing it Jouet. I agree it shouldn't cost an arm and leg to eat good and healthy meals. I really like that they break down the pricing.

  3. hello, for your consideration, maybe have a section for submissive husbands. I know of none of us who went through home-econ teeth cutting and we need to know things like, "how not to burn dinner" and "what to do with a mop". Personally, I do not know how to use a sewing machine nor a needle & thread. I am fumbling through ironing, but just barely making it to an acceptable standard.

    advanced things like fabric covering of buttons are way over my head.

    anyway, just a suggestion from the peanut gallary.



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