Wednesday, December 12, 2012

After the Party

The party has ended and now you have lot of leftover food, wine and decorations.  Here are some ideas to help you use them in other ways....

1. Food
* Omelets, Quiche or Frittata - leftover veggie trays, sandwich meats, sausage, and cheese
* Chips or Bread - leftover chips or left over bread can be ground into crumbs and frozen to use on the tops of casseroles
* Dips - use in a casserole or as a sandwich spread 

2. Wine
* Freeze left over wine in an ice cube tray to use in recipes later. Such as stew in the slow cooker.

* Pour wine into a smaller bottle and recork.
* Make a mulled wine syrup to serve on top of pancakes, ice cream or fruit 

3. Decorations 

* Use ornaments and garland for wrapping gifts 
* Christmas lights - are great fairy lights to use all year around the house 
* Wreaths can be converted to holiday wreaths for other holidays or celebrations 
* Greens - evergreen tree, wreaths, garland can be used to decorate packages or pine needs used to protect flowerbeds or garden during the cold months.

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