Saturday, December 29, 2012

5 Tips for Saving at the Grocery Store

1. Check market circulars - You can find them online and it will help you plan your menu around what is one sale. Before walking into the store you should know the deals so you can plan properly.

2. Coupons - I will say I am not a huge fan of coupons as often items I buy don't have coupons. But when they do, I use them. I also use that gives me points every time I use coupons from their website. Those points can can be turned in for gift cards and other items. So I am saving at the grocery store by using the coupons and also saving money through the gift cards I get through swagbucks. Many grocery stores now have digital coupons that they load to a value card which often give you money off things already on sale so make sure to check out your grocery stores website. Not many of my grocery stores double coupons, but one will and so often it can make some items nearly free after using them.

3. Eat First - I know that going to the store when I am hungry always seems to make me buy things that weren't on my list. Something always seems to catch my eye that will make my grocery bill go higher.

4. Skip Convenience Items - pre-packaged cake mixes, salad, meatballs or other items that I can put together and make using whole ingredients for less cost. I will have to say that even though they cost less - sometimes my time is needed elsewhere and so buying prepackaged salad or other items can be worth it to me in the long run. But most of the time I do buy the ingredients and make it myself.

5. Plan & Make a List - By looking at circulars, in my pantry, using the other grocery saving tips to plan my menus or at least know what I need to keep the pantry stocked for many of the standard meals cooked - I can keep to my list. Sticking to that list helps save money.

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