Saturday, December 15, 2012

10 Tips for Cooks

1. Keep knives sharp - trying to cut through caramels or meat with a dull knife isn't easy and wastes your time when especially in time such as the holidays when people get so busy. 

2. Cleaning up as you cook always saves time and keeps things more organized.

3. Always read through recipe before cooking.  It is better to know ahead of time that a recipe has to chill for 24 hours before baking so that you don't waste time.

4. Put the oldest first in the pantry and fridge.  Making sure you use the oldest items first so you aren't throwing things out because they were buried in the back of the fridge saves you money.

5. Don't try a new recipe or use a new ingredient for important people like a boss, a date or fiances parents. Try a tried and true recipe for those kind of occasions. 

6. A recipe is just a guideline. If you don't like thyme, but like another herb make some substitutions for things you like.

7. Taste before you serve so you know if it needs something else - like salt or pepper.

8. Do prep - the night or day before.

9. Make extras so that you can freeze it for a later time.

10.  Music on, shoes off,  glass of wine in hand, singing and dancing as you cook - enjoy your time in the kitchen.

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