Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday Favorites

I totally spaced out that today was Friday. I've been on Thursday time all day!

With Memorial weekend upon us, I'd compiled a few links that I plan on using over the weekend. Because my dad is an ex-Marine and a veteran, this holiday has always been a time when the family would gather, we'd have a cookout, sit around and visit, and at some point in time, give thanks to those who served.

Here are my Memorial Day Friday Favorites!

1. Here are a couple of links with tell you where you can find the best Memorial Weekend sales around. Shopping Guru and Dealio.

2. These links, though geared toward women being behind the grill, are great for men, too. They just offer terrific "beginners" hints, along with recipes. There's Girls at the Grill, Girl on Grill Action, and Girls on a Grill.

3. Fabulous Living gives you a short but neat article on how to have a successful picnic. And for the vegetarians among us, some vegetarian barbecue recipes.

4. Some links to Memorial Day activities: Activities for the whole family and Memorial Day Weekend Party

5. Two desserts to make that are Memorial Day themed: Brownie Flag and cute Flag Fudge

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