Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Favorites

Nine Green Home Projects You Can Do Today - Don't know where to start in making your home green? I think these are a good start.

Sweet Paul Digital Magazine - the first issue and free right now and I hope it will be for a while as I really enjoyed reading it. Several recipes I want to try and then had some good crafts and entertaining ideas too.

Making Foaming Handsoap - the title of the entry is kind of desiving as says to make "homemade" foaming soap but really they are just creating a cheaper version by using a repurpose/cheat. Either way I know that my sisters love the foaming soap so I am going to share this cheat with them so they can save money!

102 Light Salad Dressing Recipes - by Cheap and Healthy. With it getting into a big salad season now using fresh veggies from the Farmer's Market, I thought trying out new dressings to keep from getting burnt out on salads by the end of the summer.

Mexican Potato Omelet by Martha Stewart - maybe a good weekend recipe for brunch

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