Monday, May 10, 2010

Clothing Fix-it Kit

I get Martha Stewart's Daily Organizing Tips and todays I really thought was one I could use and maybe others could too.

"Here's a mending must-have: A simple business-card organizer (from an office-supply store) that keeps all the fixings for your clothes in one place. Label and tuck your spare buttons, thread samples, cloth tags, and even those scratchy fabric-care labels you snip off garments (or pillows and blankets) into the compartments. It will be a snap to find them later."

The part that I would need to remember is the labeling. I am horrible at labeling those spare buttons and threads. I have them in various places, loose and very unorganized. So I really do need an organizing solution and this would be a good solution for me. I am sure I could find the business card organizer at the dollar store too so a cheap organizing solution.

* photo is from Martha Stewart's website


  1. That is such a good idea!! I never know what to do with those stupid baggies of buttons and threads. Thanks for the post!

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