Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I have been owned by and serving my Master, Jeff, since May of 2000. I’m a domestic girl with a heart for service and obedience. I like to please and know that I’m pleasing to the man who owns me. It is my truest nature to be a homemaker and servant.

I have a profound love and passion for homemaking, as I believe the home should be a refuge from the world. I do my best to make Master’s home inviting and warm through the many homemaking skills I learned from my grandmothers. I have a fondness for “old-fashioned” womanly chores which my Master encourages. These chores include baking and cooking from scratch, gardening, home preservation (canning & dehydrating), sewing, knitting, cleaning, etc.

Service in the context of consensual slavery is hands-down one of my most favorite things to talk about and learn about.  I'm constantly trying to improve and learn new skills in order to better please the man who owns me.

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