Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I’m living with my Owner in a beautiful town on the south-eastern coast of Sweden. In late autumn 2005, I took what I could carry and left northern Sweden, to move in with the man of my dreams. He is the most honorable and kindest man I’ve ever known. We’ve been together for almost seven years and we’ve lived as Owner and property for four. As his property, I usually don’t use personal pronouns, so please don’t be shocked if you email me.

I’m his cook, maid, nurse, secretary and numerous other things. As such, I live a life of domestic servitude. I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to please him, from how to get the inside of a CPU-fan clean to what to cook for supper.

I study for a Bachelor’s in Food Science and Culinary Arts. That doesn’t make me a cook or chef, but we’ve spent a lot of time learning the basics of food, produce quality, hygiene and food politics. At the moment (spring 2011), I’ve two out of three years left before graduation. During these years we’ll be creating ideas for ready-made meals and new products, we’ll learn about marketing and PR, and study nutrition and health. I try work when not in school, in whatever restaurant kitchen that’ll have me. I’m very excited to hear about recipes and food culture from the world over; the how’s, why’s, what’s and when’s of food and meals intrigue me.

Overall, food and cooking is my thing and it’s what I love to do.

I’m on FetLife, but I don’t blog. Feel free to send me an email or PM!

- Daphne

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