Thursday, February 2, 2012

Guest Post: Pack like a Pro and Other OCD Tips

Is packing intimidating to you? Do you avoid it till the last minute because it is just too overwhelming? Do you find yourself repeatedly on vacation with no underwear and eight pairs of socks? Never again! Take my hand – we can get thru this together!

First off you need a spreadsheet. This is a NEED not a want. Just trust me. Don’t be afraid. You do not have to color code it or do anything fancy, that is for the advanced course. I use Google Docs because it is web based and can be shared with others. That way your owner can review it and add or delete. AND, you can copy it and adjust it for different trips.

Now think. What kind of trip is this? Camping? Conference? Vacation? Work? Will you have electricity (will you need a voltage converter)? Do you have to prepare meals? Will there be special clothing needs (formal, costume, sports)? What will the weather be like? How long is the trip? If this seems overwhelming don’t worry we will take it one day at a time. No, I mean it. Really . . .

Are you as excited as I am? Of course you are! Let’s get started.

On the first page I like to include a section for Transportation, Accommodations and other information like contact numbers of those I am traveling with and their travel and accommodations.

Under Transportation you might include:

flight confirmation numbers
flight numbers and times
rental car confirmation numbers
numbers for local taxi
phone number of accommodations if they provide free transfers
address of your destinations (through the trip)

Under Accommodations you might want to include:

hotel confirmations numbers
address and phone of hotel
address of place near by you may need like; grocery, drug store, liquor store, beauty shop.

OK now you are there safe and sound! What to wear? Start a new page and make a column or list for each day of your trip.

Will the weather be warmer or colder where you are heading? Think about what you will be doing. Tonight you might be going to a formal dinner. Picture yourself getting ready . . .(dream sequence)

You are wearing your little black dress, definitely need the super tummy holding in panties for this or, will someone be seeing those panties later? Better to go with the sexy ones then. Eeks - bra straps - toss that one to the side and get the strapless. Nylons . . . no thigh highs – need a garter belt, grrr a run - good thing you brought an extra pair! Add your heels - think ahead a little - can you choose a pair that will go with another outfit? Now that you look beautiful grab your little evening bag and wrap as you head out the door. And when you get back from your awesome evening, will you visit the hot tub or just slip into jammies? So your day one clothing list might look like this:


comfy travel pants
comfy bra and panties
socks (remember you have to take your shoes off in security if you are flying)
comfy shoes
travel bag (spreadsheet with travel info, tickets, ID/passport, purse, snacks, reading material, travel pillow/blanket, etc.)


black dress
strapless bra
black lace panties
2 pair thigh highs
garter belt
evening bag
wrap or sweater

swim suit
cover up
slippers or flip flops


Go through this process again for hair and make up. Do you need something special for your hair? Will you do false eyelashes? Chip a nail? Headache or catch a cold on the trip? Once you have this list you can use it for every trip and refine and add things as you learn you need them. No worries if you forget something in the beginning, you have the address of a nearby drug store remember?

Use this same method when packing for someone else. Picture their process getting ready and all the little things that might go wrong. It is so satisfying to have that one thing they did not know they would need.

The process also works for food, camping supplies, any trip you can think of. There are also many packing lists online you can compare with yours. Packing this way is so much fun and every time you have something you need in a pinch, you get to do a tush wiggling happy dance!

BIO: My name is Lacey. I am is a service submissive from the Baltimore Maryland area. I have been in service to the same Master for four years and am constantly striving to find new fun ways to please Him.  I have presented classes on Service Submission, Mental Orgasm, Rope Bottoming and others at Atlanta Bound IV 2011, Duck Stock Lite 2009, 2010 Duck Stock 2010, 2011 and Frolicon 2011. I love to share my passion for service! You are welcome to contact me any time on Fetlife or email


  1. Awesome post! Really good suggestions. Thank you for the info! :)

  2. This makes my OCD heart so happy.



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