Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Dirty laundry

Danae asked me to share a post I had written about my love of laundry.

One of the first things that stopped my owner in his tracks is when he saw that I had two books on laundry on my 'service' bookshelves. It's one of my favorite chores.

I perform valet services as well as laundering. That includes laying out his clothes on a daily basis, providing at least twice a week changes of fresh sheets and towels (pillowcases are changed out more frequently) and providing a change of comfortable clothes after work if he wants, including fresh socks since he doesn't wear slippers. It also includes being available to serve as his barber or provide a hot towel shave and facial massage. I also assist in dressing him in the mornings if I am available, or in the evenings before we go out.

As for the laundry, some of my favorite tips:

  • We use homemade laundry detergent.
  • I have a solid understanding of fabric types including specialty fibers such as cashmere, and how to launder them from my fiber arts.
  • I tend to run loads according to the fabric type (for temperature and level of agitation) and color, and save handwash items to do in a batch at one time.
  • When transferring items to the dryer, I try to snap them out so the items are not wadded up.
  • I don't overdry items.
  • I never use fabric softener with towels or items intended to be absorbent.
  • Often, the only softener I'll use is diluted vinegar.
  • Unmatched items are not placed back into the drawers until they are paired up again.
  • My preference is to fold things right away if possible.
  • If items are worn to the point where they need to be replaced, I bring it to his attention. It's his call if he wants new ones purchased.
  • I monitor seasonal items and launder/store them as needed.
  • I also can perform bootblacking and leather care.

He's very appreciative. He's commented on how much softer and more absorbent his towels are and how much he enjoys sliding into fresh, crisp sheets on a far more regular basis than he was used to.

He's never short on clean items to wear, never has to fish around in a drawer for matching socks, and enjoys that he doesn't have to manage when and how the laundry gets done.

Fresh bedding, changes of clothing and clean towels just somehow happen. :)


  1. I love you blog. It is full of so many good ideas and tips for managing a household.
    We get busy with life, we forget to do the extra little things that add pleasure to the life of our owners.

    For me, going the extra mile, to do a task just perfect is a way of showing Mistress that serving her is its own reward.

    In life it is often the little things that show you care. The special little things you do without being asked.

    If I could do my formative years over again, I would spend less time playing sports with the other boys, and more time learning how to cook and take care of a home.

    When I was in college they still offered home educaton classes, but only girls were allowed to register for most of the courses. In today's world I think it is just as important for young men, as well as young women to be isntructed in the proper managment of a home.

    Mistress is presently away on business. She has a blog called Femdom 101 which tells our story.
    If you have time from your busy schedule please drop by. In a way you are more fortunate.
    The world is very accepting of a female submissive. It is much harder in our culture being a submissve male who seeks female authoirty in his life.

    While Mistress is away I am trying to improve my skills in cooking and sewing. I am the only guy registered in a little sewing course. It is important for me to be able to do little things for her like heming a skirt, or buttons on a jacket. I'd also like to practice a couple of new recipes while she is away.

    Several years ago by challange was learning how to iron a pleated skirt. Mistress tells me this is a task that every man should master before his weding day.

    Anyway, thank you for the blog.

    john, slave to Mistrss Kathy

    love, slave john

  2. I,too, like your blog! It's chuck full of helpful hints!

    I have to say that my family thinks that we have a laundry fairy, they thought that till I decided that the children needed to learn some of the wonderful chores that go on behind the scenes! They don't hate it, but are learning quickly that there are no fairies in our home! ;o)

    I love my kids, and cherish every moment with them.... but I do look forward to the time when I can spoil my S even more than he already is! I do so enjoy doing the little things for him that I know he appreciates!

    Take care! xx

  3. Jouet, may I ask what books you have on laundry care? I actually just always go to Home Comforts when I am needing to look for something on laundry. But it is whole house so actually having a book on just laundry I am sure would be helpful.

  4. Jouet, as always my friend, you make me smile. I love this post , and sadly cannot apply it to my life. I HATE laundry. Love having things neat and clean, and always make sure we do, but I do not have a love of laundry. In fact if I could have one thing in my next life it would be a laundry fairy to do our laundry, especially with now being a family of four... it's never ending. Thankfully Himself doesn't much care either way about laundry so long as I change the sheets and his clothes are clean when he goes to wear them. And thankfully his work clothes get dry cleaned :)

  5. danae- I have Talking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean and Cheryl Mendelson's Laundry: The Home Comforts Book of Caring for Clothes and Linens.

    Similar content to what is in the Home Comforts book (which I also have) but updated and somewhat expanded.



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