Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tuesday Tips

Painting Pointer

After you open a can of paint, but before pouring it into a tray, put tape (masking or transparent) around the entire rim of the can. When you’re finished painting, take off the tape and close the can. The rim of the can will be paint-free and the lid will not get stuck the next time you need to use the can of paint.

Bird Droppings on Your Car? How to Clean It Now!

Bird droppings contain harsh acids that can burn through your car’s paint. The secret to cleaning up—and saving your car’s exterior—is to take action as soon as you spot the plop...
Pour on some seltzer water and let it bubble up. Once the bubbling stops, wipe the area clean with a microfiber (available at supermarkets and hardware stores) or cotton cloth.

Freshen Up Your Child’s Lunchbox

To deodorize a stinky metal or plastic lunch­box, moisten a slice of bread with distilled white vinegar and let it stay in the lunchbox overnight. The next morning, throw away the soggy bread, wash out the lunchbox with warm soapy water, and rinse and dry thoroughly—then load it up with your child’s sandwich and fruit.

A Place to Hang Your Hat—or Watch

If you normally wear a watch, a bracelet, rings or any other jewelry that shouldn’t be worn while cooking or cleaning, it’s good to have a safe, reliable place in the kitchen where you can stash it.

Put up a hook large enough to hang a watchband on (or whatever jewelry you wear on a regular basis). Position it near enough to be convenient when you start to work in the kitchen, but out of harm’s way when the stove, microwave, dishwasher or garbage disposal are in use. Don’t you wish you had thought of this years ago.

Going on a Trip? Don’t Forget to Do This...

A house can smell musty if it’s been closed up for a while. Before you go away on a trip, place small bowls of distilled white vinegar in each room. The vinegar will keep the air fresh, so you’ll breathe easier when you get home.

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