Friday, September 30, 2011

Friday Favorites

Table Runner Window Treatment - I have looked for a window treatment for 2 windows but haven't found them or even affordable fabric I like to make anything.  But this I can see might work.  Kohl's has really good clearance section and I have seen table runners there that I like and that would work.

Buyer's Guide to 50 Ways to get a Greener Home - It has products and links to those products to buy but I think the tips and ideas for products to keep in mind when buying are good. 

Boxes, Bins, Baskets and More Storage - This is a post on where to get the storage containers she has but what I love is the photos of how she organizes because it is amazing and inspiring. 

Freezer Meals on the Cheap - She spends $95 and has 46 meals in the freezer.  All sorts of good ideas. But what amazes me more is the prices she gets on meat. She has a package of organic ground beef for $1.  That same brand here on clearance is $2.89 to $3.89  - again on clearance. Just regular ground beef here you can't get for anything less then $2.20.  So I am just amazed at all the meat deals she gets and I want to move to where she lives!  Also I didn't know you could freeze baked potatoes - does anyone do this?

Recipes for Powdered Cream of "Something" Soup Mix and Chicken Bacon Casserole - really posting for the cream of something soup mix.  I think that they mean bullion granules instead of bullion cubes. Not sure the cubes would work in a mix unless you ground them up. 

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  1. I love freezing baked potatoes. They can heat in the microwave for about three minutes (not really worth it considering you can do it totally in there for five + five wait) or in the toaster oven. You can even stuff the potatoes if you like for twice baked potatoes!



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