Thursday, May 21, 2009

Food Prep

I have a food-prep day about once a month. Yesterday was that day for me.

I made breakfast burritos, browned and seasoned 2 lbs ground burger (divided into packages also), made 2 packages of hamburger patties (one bourbon peppercorn and the other mesquite), put marinade in ziplocks with pieces of chicken, cut up and froze veggies, made croutons and browned some Italian sausage (divided into packages to use on pizza, in pasta and to add to baked beans for added kick).

The freezer looks a bit stuffed at the moment.


  1. Oh! I am getting my freezer back (finally!) and am looking for ideas for make ahead items like this. Could you possibly share some of the things that you make (without recipes if it is easier) and freezer in preparation for making meals later on etc?

    I will lurve you forevah!

  2. Curvaliscious, I have a post started to answer your question. Hopefully finish it in the next day or so.



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