Wednesday, May 27, 2009


May 18 through May 24
Monday - brats with baked beans and salad*
Tuesday - baked potatoes with cheese and steamed veggies and salad
Wednesday - leg quarters (with a bourbon peppercorn marinade) in the crockpot served with steamed green beans with roasted red pepper and salad
Thursday - burritos and salad
Friday - Pasta shells stuffed with basil, garlic, ricotta cheese and spinach with a meat sauce over them - served with garlic toast and salad
Saturday - left overs
Sunday - grilled chicken that I sliced and put on big salads

May 25 - May 31
Monday - hamburgers on the grill and potato salad and bean salad
Tuesday - bbq chicken to have with the rest of the potato salad and bean salad
Wednesday - fried rice and crab ragoon Went on a date so had dinner out
Thursday - kabobs (chicken and assorted veggies - probably a marinade with pineapple juice) and salad
Friday - left overs fried rice and crab ragoon
Saturday - pizza and salad left overs
Sunday - roasted chicken with veggies and homemade bread homemade biscuits

* Whenever I say salad I just mean a green salad. We get the big container of Organic Spring Mix Salad from Sam's. It will last us a week if we only have salad once for lunch and every night with dinner. I put add whatever other veggie I have around to it - peppers, carrot, pea pods or frozen peas, tomatoes, onion and then croutons I make with stale bread.

EDITED June 2: As always menus change and so I edited it above to reflect the menu we ended up with

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