Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Favorites

Firefox browser has this add-on called StumbleUpon (I think it is compatible with other browsers too.) You can select topics you like and then it picks websites in those topics that you might like. You hit the stumble button and it pulls up a website for you. It allows you to rate it a thumbs up or thumbs down. And then you can hit stumble and go to the next. Anyway, it is wildly addictive.

And I think I will start doing a five favorites I have stumbled upon each Friday.

10 Delicious DIY Salad Dressings - I really want to try the Citrus Vinaigrette and then the French Style Dressing too. I don't like French Dressing but their version looks like something I might like.

Table Manners - Eddie Ross on Table Setting Styles....showing the difference between setting a table British Formal, French Formal and a few other styles.

Stitch Guide - it shows how to make several kinds of stitches from button hole stitch to feather stitch to overcast stitch and so on.

Simple Tricks to Make you look Smart - not sure they will make you look smart but I do think they will help you solve some little everyday issues that come up. Such as out and about and need a ruler - use a dollar bill as it is just a little over 6 inches.

Photograzing - It gathers photos of delicious looking food. And then links to those recipes.


  1. Perhaps someone here could kindly help me? Master just bought me a second hand bed, a real good one. The problem is that it smells of pipetobacco and... well, like the older couple we bought it off.

    I was thinking I'd cover the matress with borax and baking soda, let sit and then vaccum it up. Could that help? At the moment, we're just burning insence in the bedroom, trying to exchange the bad smoke-smell for a better one. ;)

  2. I use StumbleUpon too (with Internet Explorer), it is very addicting. If you like Photograzing, you will also like Tastespotting...
    I have tried many really great recipes that I found there. I wouldn't describe our dynamic as Master/slave or myself as a service submissive, but I love your site. He loves it when I pamper Him and in this economy, who can afford not to "do it yourself."

  3. Dakrish, go with the baking soda. The more you use and the longer you can leave it sit- the better. It may take a couple of times of doing that before the smell is gone, too.

    Febreeze? Do you have that where you are? lol

    Dragging it out into the sun for a couple of hours would help too, if that's a possibility. Otherwise, baking soda treatments should do the trick. Treat both sides of the mattress, too, if you can.

  4. I agree with kaya, Dakrish on the baking soda and the sun. For the baking soda I would completely cover the bed with baking soda and then pat it into the fabric. Let it sit overnight if possible (if not as long as possible) and then vacuum it all back up. You might have to repeat it several times.

    I think the incense is a good idea though to0. And sites I have read on removal of cigarette smoke say burn candles and incense in the room not only to replace smells but because that smell will linger in the room and help combat that.

  5. Alice, I love tastespotting too. I am glad you like our blog. And you are right in this economy do-it-yourself is the way to go.



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