Tuesday, April 28, 2009


25 Eco-chic Ideas for Your Home via Whole Living

There are a couple of my favorite ideas they have...

"Usually used once and tossed, plastic baggies can actually hold up to washing, drying, and reuse. 1. Insert chopsticks or wooden dowels into the holes of an unused toothbrush holder. 2. Hand-wash bags with warm, soapy water. 3. Hang bags upside-down on the chopstick prongs to let water run out and air flow in. Cost: about $7"

I love this idea because I have seen those toothbrush holders on clearance, in dollar stores and at garage sales for CHEAP. And then a piece of dowel is not that expensive. Or even a set of chopsticks you can get the dollar store too.

"At some point, a cotton button-down wears out its welcome on a hanger. Turn it into cloth napkins or dishcloths, reducing your need for paper products. "The softer and more worn, the better," says Seo. "Faded plaids and check patterns look especially great." How to: 1. Wash the shirts well and cut the fabric into uniformly sized pieces, about 12 inches square. 2. Either leave edges frayed or sew a hem for a cleaner look. Cost: $0"

Another great idea! Plus again you can find oxford shirts at thrift stores all the time for cheap. Much cheaper then probably going out and getting a set of 4 cloth napkins.

* pictures from Whole Living


  1. Oh, this is exactly what I'm trying to do! Reducing costs by reducing bought products, such as laundrypowder, napkins, jams, juices, soap, detergents and so on.

    I'm reading http://down---to---earth.blogspot.com at the moment, and filing away ideas. Not everything is doable in a three-room apartment on the fourth floor... but I sure can have a small garden on the balcony. I can dry meat in the small storagespace in the basement that I've got. I can pick berries and make jam and drink. I can learn to keep tabs of what to buy when and I can stockpile.

    I can bake bread and make homecooked meals. With some tomatoes, beans and greens on the balcony, what I *can* do is... enormous. This fall, I'm actually going to ask Master if I can buy half a raw lamb, a half a pig and some very large chuncks of beef. I'm going to salt, dry, make sausages, and so on. I'm keeping my eye out for wild greens and berries too. Nettles are for free, so are raspberries. I'm also going to walk around the neighbourhood this autum taking apples from those small "for free!" boxes people leave outside their yards.

    ... Whops... rambling. Anyway. A while ago I saw a tip here on having different colours on clothes hangers to see what clothes one uses. Frankly, it's much easier to simply hang all the clothes hangers the wrong way. When you use and rehang a piece of clothing, hang it the right way. Any clothes hanger after 6 months that's the wrong way, has items on it that need to be given away or converted into something else.

  2. Dakrish, I love that blog. It is a regular read of mine. You have lots of good ideas. Ramble anytime. Your rambles are great.



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