Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Cleaning

It is that time of year when I am starting my spring cleaning. I use my Home Comforts: The Art Science of Keeping a House by Cheryl Mendelson as my main resource for spring cleaning.

Things I like to do during spring cleaning is look where things are cluttered. And try to figure out why things gather there and how I can keep it more organized. Does it need a bin? Can I move some stuff to another place so that it isn't so cluttered? That kind of stuff.

I also go through things that I don't use to donate, sell, throw or things that need repair I try to do during this time also.

Things I try to remember to do - that are seasonal things for me:
Bedroom - flip mattress, change out bedding for warmer season coming on

Bathrooms - go through medicine cabinets to throw out stuff expired or should haven't kept in the first place

Overall house - change out pictures, centerpiece for table, pillows on couches, candles from warm scents to cool scents (like I have lots of pumpkin, vanilla and cinnamon right now and I will change to fruity and linen scents.) Just making things more springy & light instead of heavy and warm. When organizing, I use labels for everything. We have a label maker but sometimes labels aren't suitable for the container so then I use clips with a little piece of cardstock

Outside - preparing flower beds/garden to plant, maybe a deck need painting, windows washed, screens repaired, washing patio furniture off...things of that nature

Some resources:
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Martha Stewart's Spring Cleaning Tips

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