Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Comforts: The Arts and Science of Keeping House

My favorite resource is Home Comforts: The Arts and Science of Keeping House by Cheryl Mendelson

It is a book I have used countless of times. It has everything in it: How to do all basic sewing stitches. How to iron a dress shirt and how to fold sheets. How to make up a bed with hospital corners. How to choose proper sizes for sheets, tablecloths, and other household linens. How to set the table for informal and formal meals. Expert recommendations for safe food storage. The most exhaustive and reliable information on fabrics, textile fibers, and their laundering, and drying. A thorough explanation of care labels and why and how you should often (carefully) disregard them. Housekeeping guidelines for people with pets or with allergies. What to do about dust mites. How to clean and care for wood, china and crystal, jewelry, ceramic tile, metals, and more. Guides to stain and spot removal.  It is a great resource for domestic service.

Just keep in mind while reading this - that is can seem impossible that the author does ALL of the things in this book. My suggestion is to use it as a guide to find things that work for you and incorporate them into your life.

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