Monday, January 14, 2013

Organizational Links

I find that often my lists have lists.  Now recently I find myself checking out a variety of "lists" apps for my iphone. So now my apps have apps.  I have, however, found a few worth sharing that others may enjoy learning about as well.  Some I have kept, others have gone by the way side over the past year.  In no particular order of importance....

List Wrangler:  I find that this one has great templates for setting up the re-occuring lists that you use daily, weekly, monthly, yearly.  The ability to customize, set dates, reminders and all that sort is very helpful.  I only wish that this app integrated with my icloud calendar.  It does not.

Todoodles:  This app was okay.However, I found it lacking in some ways that the already free "reminders" app on my phone does not already accomplish the same thing.  I was not overly impressed with many of this apps features, and kept wishing it would do more.

Remember the Milk:  I like that this has a website as well where you can update and integrate items.  I also liked that these lists could be customized somewhat.  Yet I wasn't in love with this app either.

Checklist:  This was a complete waste of 99 cents in my opinion and did absolutely nothing but allow you to create a singular list, which plenty of other free apps already do and do better.

A Personal Assistant:  This app is interesting in that it allows you to manage a variety of online accounts all from one place.  It is convenient and quick.

Ewallet:  I have heard great things about Ewallet but haven't actually used it.  I haven't heard anything bad about it however and those that I know who have tried it or continue to use it really enjoy it.

Grocery IQ:  This app is fun and useful.  It has barcode scan ability.  List sharing ability. (a huge perk!!) and I can integrate my coupons.  This is a winning app for my family.  Oh and it's free!

There are so many more great apps out there that I know people use, please list any that you love in the comments section so that those of us with Type A personalities and a need for even further list making, organizing, etc.  can check it out.

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  1. Thanks! I think I will try the Grocery IQ app. Sounds like something I would really enjoy. Its so much fun checking things off a list. I feel really good when I've completed the entire list.



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