Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 Year in Review - July through December

Thank you for reading Domestic Servitude.  Just thought I would take a moment to highlight the posts that were popular in 2012. As always if you have a suggestion please feel free to comment or email danae

Guest Post: Laundry Soap Recipe - a guest author giving us homemade laundry soap recipe 
Vintage Pillowcase Apron - katie shares how to make an apron from a pillowcase
Cleaning the Trash Can - a basic how-to on cleaning the trash can

Dusting the Ceiling Fan - a little tip on how to quickly dust the cleaning fan
2 Body and Beauty Care Book Reviews - 2 small reviews on books with homemade body and beauty care recipes and information

Cleaning the Ceiling Fan - a step-by-step instruction on how to clean the ceiling fan - using the tip used above
It's Time for....Fall Cleaning - offers printable lists and links to helpful posts within the site as well is outside of it
Crab Rangoon - recipe for Crab Rangoon

Autumn Treats - a list of recipes for baked goods to make 

Slow Cooking Series - November brought a month long series all about Slow Cooking 
6 Reasons to Use a Slow Cooker - a list of reasons to use a crock pot/slow cooker
Baked Beans - slow cooker recipe for baked beans
Rheya's Slow Cooker Post - Rheya shares 2 recipes and a book review

31 Days of Posting - December brought 31 days of posting and all of them were really close in stats so please go and take a look at all 31 posts 
Surviving the Holidays on a Diet - a post from Jouet about dieting while baking and eating scrumptious food during the holidays
Making the Most of Citrus Peels - katie shares some ideas on what to do with citrus peels
Holiday Themed Potluck - Jen shares ideas, information and links to help throw a holiday potluck

View January 2012 through June 2012 top posts.

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

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