Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fan

About a month ago I posted a tip on dusting the ceiling fan, but today I am going to actually write about cleaning the ceiling fan that uses the same technique with the pillowcase, but takes it one step further when the blades are really needing to be cleaned not just dusted.

When you have blades that are dusty and just holding on to dirt, it can send all that flying when you turn on the blades.  That means allergies can be kicked up and as if we don't have enough allergens in a normal house and seasonal living.

I like to actually clean not just dust the ceiling fan during my seasonal cleaning. And soon I will be throwing myself into my fall cleaning routine so thought I would share how I clean the ceiling fan during my seasonal cleaning.

Old Pillowcase
Extra cleaning cloth such as a microfiber cloth
Spray bottle with water and vinegar
Optional: Drop cloth

1. If you want for extra protection, place down drop clothes over furniture and under the area of the ceiling fan.  I often don't do this often, because I use the nifty pillow case trick, but also I start my cleaning a room by cleaning the ceiling fan so any dust and dirt that falls from it will be cleaned up during the rest of my normal cleaning.

2. Take a spray bottle and fill it with warm water and 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar. Spray the inside of the of the pillowcase with the mixture.

3. Standing on a ladder, slip the pillowcase over a blade and pull it back and forth to clean the blade.

4. You will notice dirt on the inside of the pillowcase as you take it off and move to the next blade. Spritz a clean part of the pillowcase and slip it over the blade and pull it back and forth like you did on the first blade. Continue doing this with each blade.

5. Take your cleaning cloth and clean the light fixture, base of the fan and any residual dirt and grime on the blades.

6. Take the pillowcase outside and shake out the dust and dirt and then launder.

If you have a ceiling fan that is very high, I don't recommend climbing on a ladder to clean it. If it is over 12 feet from the ground, I would get an actual ceiling fan duster from your local hardware store. They even have extensions to buy if you need to to go even longer.


  1. This is indeed an alternative way of cleaning your ceiling fan. :) Another way of making sure that the dust won’t fall off from your other furniture is through using a vacuum. However, it can only work if the ceiling fan is easy to reach or the blades can be removed.

    Staci Severns

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