Friday, September 14, 2012

Friday Favorites

Warm Black Bean Dip - with football season here having an afternoon snack with the game is a must so this recipe looks pretty good for that

Free Wash Cloth Patterns - knitted wash clothes - I know both the crocheted and knitted washcloths I have received as gifts are some of my favorite wash clothes.

Storage Boxes - she just covered ordinary boxes in jute to make cute storage boxes (she has another photo of them here)

10 Recipes using Ground Beef - we always seem to have some ground beef or turkey in the freezer so having some recipes to refer to is always a good idea when in a pinch and needing a meal. These might help you find some go-to dishes and it looks like none of them use a cream of something soup...which although very convenient is a nice change.

How to Paint a Door like a Pro - Our front door is in desperate need of painting. The sun hits it all year around - and heats it up and creates sun spots which eventually lead to cracking in the paint and then flaking. I can't hang a wreath on our front door or anything really because it melts it not matter what it is made out of it something always melts on it - glue or other materials it is made out of so the sun is not my friend for the front door. So really needing that how-to as it is that time to paint the door.

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